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UK backs bid to tackle deforestation

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has pledged UK support to tackle deforestation.

Mr Barker announced Government backing for the Tropical Forests Alliance 2020, a partnership set up by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the US Government, during a meeting on April 11 with Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development.

Tropical Forests Alliance 2020, established in 2012, brings together companies and governments to identify practical opportunities for more sustainable production methods and supply chains.

Mr Barker said:

“Joining the Alliance builds on the work the UK is already doing with the timber industry and rainforest countries to address the agricultural drivers of deforestation. The UK wants to accelerate international efforts to reduce deforestation. That’s why we are keen to work with the Alliance, and help drive this important agenda forward.”

Deforestation is believed to account for up to 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the full press release at GOV.UK

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