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Prime Minister heralds rapid progress of the UK's green economy and outlines his vision for the future

The Prime Minister David Cameron made the case for clean energy in the UK and globally today as he addressed delegates at the Clean Energy Ministerial being held in Central London.

Speaking to energy ministers from 23 leading economies, and alongside a series of government and commercial announcements, the Prime Minister said:

There are huge challenges facing governments across the world today, and one of the most important of all is how we meet our growing energy demands in a way that protects our planet for our children and grandchildren.

"With global demand forecast to increase by more than 40 per cent in the next two decades, we urgently need a more diverse, cleaner mix of energy sources that will give us energy security without causing irreparable damage to the planet.

"Renewables are now the fastest growing energy source on the planet. And I am proud that Britain has played a leading role at the forefront of this green energy revolution.

"Britain has gone from virtually no capacity for renewables, to seeing them provide almost 10 per cent of our total electricity needs last year. And we've added more capacity for renewables in the last two years than at any time in the last decade.

"Our commitment and investment in renewable energy has helped to make renewable energy possible. Now we have a different challenge. We need to make it financially sustainable."

Dedicating much of his remarks to how renewable energy can move from its strong position today to become a truly global industry, the Prime Minister spoke about collaboration between government and business to drive down costs, the need to develop a global carbon price and the importance of enhanced international trading.

Announcements made alongside the speech include:

  • The Bioenergy Strategy
  • The Renewable Energy Trading Call for Evidence
  • Support for eco-innovators
  •  Support for CCS in developing markets

Details of the announcements made alongside the Prime Minister's speech are available from the full press release on the DECC website

Department of Energy and Climate Change

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