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Government announces plan to cut emissions from heating

The Government has announced its action plan to drive forward a nationwide shift to low carbon heating alternatives.  

One year on from the launch of the UK’s first ever heat strategy, the Government has set out the next steps to ensure affordable, secure, low carbon heating plays an important role in the energy mix, now and in the years to come.

The scale of the challenge is huge, with more than 80 per cent of heating used in UK homes, businesses and industry produced by burning fossil fuels, and more than a third of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from the energy used to produce heat.

The Government is committed to reducing carbon and meeting renewables targets, and the heat strategy and its follow on action plan, published on March 26, are an integral part of this vision.

Energy Secretary Edward Davey said:

“If we can increase the use of low carbon heating in our homes, businesses and across our economy, we can help reduce our dependence on costly carbon intense fossil fuels."

Today's press notice also provides an update on the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Read the press notice in full on the GOV.UK/DECC website

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