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CIP Eco-innovation funds

Apply for CIP Eco-innovation funds
The 2012 CIP Eco-innovation call for proposals is open. Deadline for project submission is 6 September 2012, 17:00 Brussels time. Electronic submission tool (EPSS) is online.

The eco-innovation initiative bridges the gap between research and the market. It helps good ideas for innovative products, services and processes that protect the environment become fully-fledged commercial prospects, ready for use by business and industry. In doing so the initiative not only helps the EU meet its environmental objectives but also
boosts economic growth.

A five-pronged attack
Eco-innovation is about reducing our environmental impact and making better use of resources. This means developing products, techniques, services and processes that reduce CO2 emissions, use resources efficiently, promote recycling and so on. There are five main strands to this initiative:

  •     Materials recycling and recycling processes;
  •     Sustainable building products;
  •     Food and drink sector;
  •     Water efficiency, treatment and distribution;
  •     Greening business.

The EU is looking to maximise the impact of Eco-innovation and make every euro go as far as possible. The best Eco-innovation projects are those that can be replicated across the EU. Eco-innovation projects are not research projects. The ideas must be developed, feasible and also viable in the long-term to qualify for funding.

Read how to submit a proposal.

You will also find insightful guidance and tips on how to develop a good project proposal in the presentations and video recordings of the European Info Day held on 8 May.

Eco-innovation goes viral
Ready for something different? Watch the new Eco-innovation video clip which was shown at the European info day on 8 May and is becoming a viral hit, and feel free to pass on to your contacts!.

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