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Social Enterprise – the darker side

Many people know that I have what I would call a Love / Hate relationship with Social Enterprise. I love the ethos of giving social value being more important than making a profit although, of course, we must never forget that ALL organisations need to make a profit, even if they call it a surplus! […]

The Results of a CSR Internship

  I can’t believe that my time at ORB is nearly at an end! It has gone incredibly quickly but in that short time I don’t think I could have learnt a lot more than I have. From being well and truly thrown in the deep end I pretty quickly learnt how to network, pitch, […]

Using CSR as a tool for retaining employees

Recently, due to an increased amount of pressure from the likes of globalization, bottom line results, and fierce competition, companies have been under a vast amount of pressure to increase their profit margins, productivity, and to also maintain and maximise their shareholder value. Companies must therefore scout and recruit the best and most talented individuals. […]

The Millennials are Coming

There is a huge amount of research investigating the social changes in business all over the world and this survey is no different in believing that there will be big changes to come that companies all need to be ready for. The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey explored what the next generation of leaders, The Millennials, […]

Is your Legislation up to date?

A recent shocking story from our local area has highlighted the real importance for businesses to be compliant with rules and regulations, for appropriate systems to be in place and staff to be adequeately trained. On Christmas Day in 2012 a Mitchells & Butlers chain pub served Christmas dinner to 128 customers resulting in mother, […]

The Illusion of Separation

An interesting and very different view of society and how we have gone against nature in creating consumerism. A new society is proposed, inspired by and in harmony with Nature….  

The B Team!

Have you heard of the incredible B Team? Having only just come across it myself I am inspired by the efforts of the movement to change how the world does business and switch from ‘Plan A’ to ‘Plan B’ where it’s priorities are People, Planet and Profit (just like ORB!). The movement was Co-Founded by […]

‘The Values Revolution’

The Values Revolution evidences a major public shift towards more socially concious behaviour. This exciting research was conducted by ‘Global Tolerance’, a leading global social change consultancy that helps organisations harness this social attitude shift and to do well while doing so. This  research identifies significant implications for all business sectors in order to survive the […]

Entrepreneurs ARE a noble bunch…!

Oh dear. Editor-in-chief Jeremy O’Grady normally delivers words of wisdom in his weekly musings in The Week – a weekly paper /magazine providing an unbiased summary of the week’s news. But this time he’s got it horribly wrong. Entrepreneurs across the country need to ask him to reconsider his comments! Jeremy says: “the entrepreneur is […]

Oh oh! Here comes the consultant!

I don’t have a problem per se with consultants, but the type of “business expert” who hasn’t adapted to today’s changing business world drives me nuts! And sadly, I think far too many business consultants fall in to that category. You know the type I mean? Guys, and it is mostly men, who are still […]