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Responsible Clothing Production in Africa – Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? Clothes with a transparent supply chain     Artcile by Jo Salter, Founder and CEO of #ORBmember Where Does it Come From? Our project (October 2018): Our website: Responsible and Transparent Clothing Where Does It Come From? is a clothing brand that tells the stories behind clothes – […]

FREE Webinar: Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chain

Further to our recent blog-post on the subject of slavery – specifically as part of our media partnership for the forthcoming Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chain Conference. This event is being held over two days on 19th to 20th April 2018 in Central London. In the meantime though, the organisers of this […]

Cleantech Company or Sustainable Solution Provider? We may have just the event for you…

Associate #ORBMembers, Eventure Media Ltd, are running the following event in just a few days time, which if you are a cleantech company or offer sustainable solutions may prove very interesting for you: RUSHLIGHT SHOW – LONDON, 25 JANUARY 2018 The 9th Rushlight Show, kindly sponsored by Innovate UK, BEIS, Flanders Investment & Trade,  Carbon […]

As a small business do I really need to be doing anything about GDPR?

A guest-blog by Diana Collins of #ORBMember DLC Engage HR: As 2018 commences, we are all focussing on what key things we should be doing through the year and hopefully, you will have GDPR, the new data protection regulation, firmly etched on your calendar for 25th May 2018…… right? As background, EU GDPR is the […]

The Responsible Business Workbook

Why the Responsible Business Workbook can really help your business The following article has been provided by Jo Shaer, Managing Director of Lollipop Local, a digital agency based in Southend-on-Sea. Jo was eager to share how the Responsible Business Workbook had benefited her company. Lollipop Local is a member of ORB (Organisation for Responsible Businesses) […]

Millennials and Business Leadership

What do the Millennials think about Business Leadership? People born between the early 1980s and the 2000s, often referred to as Millennials, will form half the global workforce by 2020. What they expect from businesses and business leaders is very different from the hierarchical approach currently adopted by most companies. To attract the best talent […]

It was more of a Triple Whammy……!!

Double Whammy Networking is the fundraising arm of ORB, currently operational only in Southend* (but with plans to expand – see below.) DW events are ad hoc business networking events, so called because: a) They provide good quality business networking; and b) They raise funds for the local community. To ensure good networking we don’t […]

Responsible Advertising: Marketing To Children

When advertising a product or service it is important to be careful, to avoid causing offence through a marketing campaign that could be seen as sexist, racist or even too suggestive. Commercials surround us; business owners use a number of ways to communicate messages including SMS marketing campaigns that ping directly to our phone; and […]

Social Enterprise – the darker side

Many people know that I have what I would call a Love / Hate relationship with Social Enterprise. I love the ethos of giving social value being more important than making a profit – although of course we must never forget that ALL organisations need to make a profit, even if they call it a […]

The Results of a CSR Internship

  I can’t believe that my time at ORB is nearly at an end! It has gone incredibly quickly but in that short time I don’t think I could have learnt a lot more than I have. From being well and truly thrown in the deep end I pretty quickly learnt how to network, pitch, […]