The Organisation for Responsible Businesses is a business membership organisation specifically for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) – from a sole proprietor to a medium sized company with many employees. No business is too small to get involved. Similarly, large businesses are welcome to join if they meet the membership criteria.

ORB is a totally independent private company, although we work closely with public sector organisations, NGOs and various business sectors.

For years there has been a lot of talk about engaging SMEs in the “responsible business agenda” but appropriate, available support was very fragmented. Extensive research, however, revealed quite clearly that businesses actively applying social and environmental considerations in their day-to-day operations enjoyed far greater long-term profitability.

SMEs account for 99% of all businesses and roughly half the workforce and half the CO2 emissions. It is quite obvious that, in order to maintain a reasonable standard of life for future generations, the SME business sector needs to start making voluntary improvements. It is also very apparent that, in doing so, SMEs could gain immense financial benefit. A win-win situation that far too few companies are taking advantage of!

ORB was established in 2009 to fill this huge gap in the marketplace. It is committed to providing the following services to SMEs throughout the UK.

  • Information and signposting to SUPPORT and SIMPLIFY participation in this new but now essential responsible business paradigm;
  • Helping members INCREASE PROFITS – an added bonus of making voluntary responsible business improvements;
  • PROMOTING responsible business members via its associated online directory – www.TheResponsibleBusinessDirectory.co.uk

This is the blog.

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