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FREE Webinar: Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chain

Further to our recent blog-post on the subject of slavery – specifically as part of our media partnership for the forthcoming Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chain Conference. This event is being held over two days on 19th to 20th April 2018 in Central London. In the meantime though, the organisers of this […]

Cleantech Company or Sustainable Solution Provider? We may have just the event for you…

Associate #ORBMembers, Eventure Media Ltd, are running the following event in just a few days time, which if you are a cleantech company or offer sustainable solutions may prove very interesting for you: RUSHLIGHT SHOW – LONDON, 25 JANUARY 2018 The 9th Rushlight Show, kindly sponsored by Innovate UK, BEIS, Flanders Investment & Trade,  Carbon […]

3rd Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chain Conference

Slavery is a subject that one might be forgiven for thinking is just another horrible example of how badly humans can behave towards one another that has been resigned to the past, or at the very least is something that only goes on elsewhere in the world – certainly not in our so-called civilised and […]

As a small business do I really need to be doing anything about GDPR?

A guest-blog by Diana Collins of #ORBMember DLC Engage HR: As 2018 commences, we are all focussing on what key things we should be doing through the year and hopefully, you will have GDPR, the new data protection regulation, firmly etched on your calendar for 25th May 2018…… right? As background, EU GDPR is the […]

Zero Future for Zero Hours?

What is your opinion on zero-hour contracts? Does your business use them? Do you feel strongly for them or against them? Well you should find what Jonathan Key from #ORBMember Labour Xchange Ltd has to say really very interesting and insightful. Do leave us a comment to let us know what you think: Are zero-hour […]