“Unemployment Day” in the high street.

By Jill Poet on February 16, 2012

The recession continues to bite, unemployment is rising and businesses are closing. The struggle is particularly intense in our high streets as they not only have to contend with a downturn in the economy, but also changes in purchasing habits: the consumer is increasingly turning to out of town retail giants and / or buying online.Shopping discounts for the unemployed

The picture is typical across Europe and in Spain unemployment is reaching almost 25%. But there is always room for good news as shown by this example provided by Juan Villamayor, a CSR consultant living in Barcelona.

A group of bars and shops in the Raval district of Barcelona have launched a really nice initiative whereby on Tuesdays, traditionally a very quiet day for business, they offer discounts to the unemployed – sometimes up to 50%. Their offer is not only supporting their local community, but also providing them with a new business opportunity. They are finding that they are not only revitalising their neighbourhoods on the promotion day but the street is also more visited the rest of the week.

A great initiative, Juan calls it “Business with Common Sense,” and one that could be copied perhaps in high streets across Europe?

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