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12-01-2010 ABOUT ENVIROWISE (now WRAP)
In the current economic climate, cost savings are undoubtedly at the top of the agenda for businesses. One way that companies can achieve valuable cost reductions is by making environmental improvements.
Encouraging your staff to take an active approach to their commute is a simple and cost effective way to boost your business. Regular exercise is known to reduce stress and will generally improve mental and physical wellbeing. An active workforce is less likely to take sick leave, staff turnover rates could be lower and your business will benefit from improved productivity, better morale and lower healthcare costs. Sustainable transport charity Sustrans has some great tips for getting employees out of their cars on the daily commute and onto their bikes.
Risk assessment is not difficult. Everyone can do it, it is a simple task and we all do it every day as a matter of course, every time we get out of bed in the morning and in our daily activities. However, many organisations are wary of having to carry out risk assessments; it is seen as a huge and complex task.

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