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Who are you then..........?

Are you losing customers because they don’t know who you are? Or maybe even breaking the law?

Contact us formAmazingly, many companies do not even provide their customers, or potential customers, with their full business contact information. Web sites with just a mobile number for contact or, worse still, only an automated e-mail box, do little to inspire confidence. It is also a legal requirement that certain business information is displayed:

Company details to be displayed - incorporated organisation:

  • On the business premises, a sign with the companies full registered name that can be easily seen.
  • The full legal name should also be included on all hard copy and electronic documents, including websites.
  • On order forms, business letters and web sites the following should be displayed in addition to the full legal name:
  • The place of registration
  • The registered number
  • The address of the registered office
  • The legal structure
  • VAT registration number if applicable

Company details to be displayed - sole trader or partnership:

  • The business trading name, owners / partner’s names and the business address should be clearly displayed on business premises and most business documents.
  • On web sites: the business name, address, e-mail address, and VAT registration number if applicable, together with details of membership of any professional bodies.

People like to know who they are dealing so make sure your contact information is readily available. Check your web site today and add any missing information so that you are totally transparent.  Don’t lose any more customers – and don’t break the law!

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