SABRE (Support and Advice to Businesses around Renewable Energy) is offering small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)/social enterprises (SEs) in Suffolk the opportunity to discover their potential to generate renewable energy by providing them with independent and impartial support and advice on investment opportunities created by Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

This support can help you generate your own energy, reduce your carbon footprint and even generate an income for your organisation.

The project will support 120 businesses or enterprises in total over three years. Everyone who takes part in the project will receive:

  •     A free independent and impartial Renewable Energy Feasibility Review
  •     Further free support and advice on renewable energy

Renewable Energy Feasibility Review

To determine which renewable energy options are suitable for your site you will need to carry out a Renewable Energy Feasibility Review which SABRE is offering to you for free.

This independent and impartial service includes an on-site review followed by a feasibility study report by a Groundwork East of England SABRE Advisor. This will seek to determine and illustrate the most appropriate technologies for your individual circumstances and give a clear indication on the costs and benefits of each recommended technology.

In addition you will be provided with a simple guide to the commissioning process, including the planning implications where relevant and signposting to accredited installers and where you can go for further support.

We will also quantify for you how much carbon and money you could be saving if you implement the suggested renewable energy technology, including the likely pay-back period. The on site review is likely to take between 1.5 to 2.5 hours.


Each participant in this project will receive a Renewable Energy Feasibility Review and further support from Groundwork East of England on implementing a renewable energy technology if you choose to pursue its recommendations.


1. Only SMEs/SEs in Suffolk are eligible for free support and advice through SABRE. SMEs are defined broadly as:

  • Employing no more than 250 people
  • Annual turnover not exceeding €50m
  • Annual balance sheet not exceeding €43m
  • Limited company or Social Enterprise
  • Must not be more than 25% owned by one or more companies not falling within this definition, (except public investment corporations, venture capital companies or - provided no control is exercised - institutional investors).
  • Must not have ownership of other organizations/companies in excess of permitted levels allowable under the EU definition of an SME.

2. In order to take part you must have already undertaken some work to reduce your carbon footprint and have made some commitments to improve your environmental performance. Examples of how you might be eligible include:

  • Completed an environmental audit with Groundwork East of England and undertaken some of their recommendations to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Having achieved the Suffolk Carbon Charter at any level, Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • Worked with the Carbon Trust to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Implemented an Environmental Management System (such as ISO14001, BS 8555 etc)

3. Support from SABRE has to be declared as de minimis state aid.

How to join

To find out more and to register for the project, please e-mail SABRE@groundwork.org.uk or call 01394 444231.

SABRE is a three-year partnership project between Suffolk County Council and Groundwork East of England on behalf of the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership. SABRE is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Business Link also provides businesses of all sizes with access to information, support and government services at www.businesslink.gov.uk.

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