Global Action Plan is funded by the European Regional Development Fund to provide free environmental support to small-to-medium sized organisations in London. Support is delivered through workshops and ongoing assistance.

The Practical Green ICT workshop comprises a full-day workshop and one-to-one assistance to show businesses how greening their ICT infrastructure can help to improve economic performance, improve business process efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. In particular, our support provides the following:

  • independent review of your ICT infrastructure from our ICT specialist with over 15 years expertise
  • impartial review, useful for qualified and non-qualified ICT staff (you do not need to be an IT expert)
  • coaching on cloud systems and Software as a Service (SaaS) - - the way Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Facebook (and others) provide you with data storage and software from their servers
  • empowering businesses, giving greater understanding and control over ICT infrastructure
  • encouraging constructive behaviour change and use of ICT to be more efficient (e.g. emailing links and not attachments, utilising intranet sites, printing far less with simpler collaboration tools)
  • communicate and collaborate easily from remote locations - teleworking can reduce commuter travel, especially useful to alleviate expected travel disruptions during the London Olympics and beyond
  • utilize video-conferencing to reduce business travel and associated costs
  • significantly reduce physical hardware required (and resultant energy costs)
  • dematerialize with computer generated simulations and eliminate duplications

Download our Green ICT Handbook here for a detailed insight into the potential of ICT.

The Sustainable Business Team at Global Action Plan has been using cloud-based Google Apps throughout 2011, with fantastic results. We have not only reduced our carbon footprint (through significantly reduced reliance on a local server and its wasteful energy usage), but have vastly streamlined our everyday processes such as collaboration, document handling and updating.

To take part in this free workshop and ongoing support, you will need to complete an online Registration Form that will ask you some questions regarding your existing IT set-up. This is important as it provides us with an overview of your IT infrastructure and also a baseline from which to work with, such as existing storage capacity and number of servers.

Attendance is FREE but booking is required. Sessions will last from 09:30 - 17:00 with the chance to network with other business participants. Workshops are being delivered from now until May throughout London with limited places available. Interested parties can contact either:

Graeme McLeish
Email: graeme.mcleish@globalactionplan.org.uk
Tel: 01344 780459


Ellen Dobbs
Email: ellen.dobbs@globalactionplan.org.uk
Tel: 020 7420 4422 (ext 42)

Please specify the Organisation for Responsible Business when calling. Thanks

Green ICT, European Regional Development Fund & Global Action Plan

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