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A £1,000 grant scheme can help businesses tap into growing opportunities in the bid to reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector.

If you are looking to develop a new product, service or have an idea around the broad area of low carbon transport, then you may be eligible for the EValu8 Transport Innovations grant.

Start-ups, micro, small and medium sized businesses can all apply, providing your idea relates to low carbon transport or is applicable to the wider topic of sustainable transport, and you require specialist help to move your project forward.

EValu8 Transport Innovations Ltd is a not-for-organisation which specialises in low carbon transport solutions. It launched the Innovation Voucher grant to encourage and accelerate innovation and business growth in the East of England.


The funding offers businesses the chance to access specialist consultancy up to the value of £1,000; this consultancy can be provided by universities, research institutes, consultancies, or even one of your own suppliers, to support innovation by your business around the broad area of low carbon transport.

Successful applicants must demonstrate how their innovations will positively influence the low carbon transport market and lead to future job retention and growth.

Possible project areas could include (but are not limited to):

  • Software products supporting and enhancing low carbon transport options
  • Designing and promoting services to the low carbon transport market
  • Innovative behavioural change programmes to encourage the shift to low carbon transport modes
  • Products/services requiring sustainable transport planning initiatives which reduce the carbon impact of transport
  • Development of new in-vehicle products
  • Developments of Electric Vehicles (EV)/low carbon transport technology
  • Developments in low carbon transport infrastructure

Applying is easy, simply complete an application form, or contact EValu8 Transport Innovations on 01707 284740 or email info@evalu8-ti.org.uk for more information or to discuss your idea.


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