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Environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions

A pragmatic approach to environmental impact

Switch offWe have always taken a very pragmatic approach when encouraging small businesses to consider their environmental impacts. We understand the everyday challenges of running a business and that the majority of small business owners / managers often have severe time and financial constraints. Our message when talking about environmental issues is therefore very much about how a business will benefit from reducing its environmental impact: that includes reducing materials wastage; energy usage; water usage; waste disposal; and transport usage. Measuring these activities and pro-actively putting procedures in place to make achievable reductions will certainly reduce overheads. Such steps if communicated successfully can also increase employee engagement and general reputation.

Reporting on your greenhouse gas emissions

Of course, climate change is a real issue and taking actions as mentioned above invariably reduces not only company overheads but also greenhouse gas emissions. Some companies may feel that being able to accurately measure and report on those emissions will be an additional benefit. To do this you will need to collect data from each relevant emission-releasing activity and then convert the data. To help small businesses with this process, DEFRA have produced a useful Small Business User Guide: Guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions.


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