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Reducing costs and improving customer experience are worthy incentives for rethinking and redesigning your business model. But increasingly, many companies are now also driven by environmental and social concerns.

The term ‘eco-innovation’ is becoming more widely recognised as responsible businesses strive to reduce their environmental impact, while continuing to be economically competitive. At its core, eco-innovation is about creating business models which successfully achieve both of these goals.


Any company can introduce good eco-innovation practices. The focus is not just on new technologies, but also on creating new services and introducing organisational changes. Taking an alternative look at how you operate can not only result in a reduction of your environmental impacts, but also your costs. A leaner and cleaner business model makes both economic and environmental sense.

As we are all well aware, being able to authentically evidence good environmental practices, matters to customers and the business advantages should not be overlooked.

A free PDF guide, developed by the Eco-Innovation Observatory (EIO), offers convincing evidence of the benefits of eco- innovation, especially regarding cost savings and new market opportunities.

The 58 page guide, addressed primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises, offers a practical introduction to eco-innovation and overviews the emerging business opportunities it has to offer companies that reconsider business models, develop new products, technologies or services, or improve production processes.

Small businesses have the ability to transform environmental challenges into real business opportunities and the introduction of more eco-innovations in SMEs may well contribute to a making a green economy work in Europe and worldwide.

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